About Us

The Dispensary is independently owned, stylish dining pub, renowned for its country house in the city feel.

About Us

We have established ourselves as a local favourite, providing a unique space in which to enjoy food and drink of the highest quality, served in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Owner Chef, David Cambridge, has created a menu to suit all tastes, with the emphasis on fresh produce. Everything we source is as local and independent as possible. David attends Smithfield Market to source high quality, great tasting fresh meat and does his own butchery. Our fish is fresh off the day boat and our fruit and vegetables are handpicked each morning, from New Covent Garden.

The standard of our food is matched by the quality of our hand-picked Beers and carefully selected wine and spirits.

David Cambridge

When you eat at The Dispensary, you know you are eating food cooked by a top class chef with impeccable credentials.

David trained (as a chef) with Rothschild NMR, cooking first in their directors’ city dining room and later at private events and parties in the Rothschild family’s country houses and international estates. The classic French style continues to influence his cooking and/while he adds his own trademark flair to these dishes.

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